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Donald Trump, the Kurds — and American honour
US President Donald Trump made one of his most reckless decisions last October, when he tweeted he was ending the US mission in Syria, to the great surprise of his own government and at considerable cost to US credibility. Now, nearly a year later, a UN report makes clear the dam...
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CNBC Africa
ByteDance’s bid to keep most of TikTok faces major hurdles
ByteDance has submitted a plan to U.S. officials for it to keep a majority stake in TikTok’s global business and create headquarters for TikTok in the United States, Reuters reported on Tuesday. The proposal is being reviewed by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United S...
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Business Day
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Business Day
THE BOSTON GLOBE: White supremacists must be tackled
It shouldn’t take a whistle-blower or the surreptitious release of department of homeland security documents to alert the American people that home-grown white supremacists pose the most pressing terror threat to the nation.
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Présidentielle 2024 : Le Pds a désigné son candidat
Le Parti démocratique sénégalais (PDS) a désigné Karim Wade comme candidat officiel en vue de la prochaine présidentielle. C’est ce que rapporte le quotidien Libération dans sa livraison de ce jeudi. « En 2019, Karim a été choisi à l’issue d’un … Continuer la lecture →
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