Journal Du Cameroun
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Quartz Africa
Belarus is perplexed by Trump’s proposed travel ban
Two years ago, US president Donald Trump closed US borders to citizens of seven countries. Now, seven other countries across the world are rumored to be added to the list in the coming days, according to the Wall Street Journal.
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Bella Naija
The US is Putting an End to “Birth Tourism”
The United States is one of a handful of countries that has unconditional birthright citizenship, and because of the many perks that comes with being a citizen, the US is often a top choice among countries for folks to birth their babies.
According to CNN, that may not be the cas...
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Business Daily
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Business Day
LETTER: Fake FDR story
Terry Crawford-Browne writes that Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1934, that his first 100 days “is recognised as having lifted the US economy out of the Great Depression” and that he threatened to jail businessmen who opposed the New Deal (“No business rescue case for SOEs”, J...
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