Nigerian Tribune
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Daily Post
How hot porridge claimed lives of three children in Bauchi
An extremely hot porridge being transported in a tricycle in Bauchi State has claimed the lives of three children, aged between nine months and nine years. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the porridge was being transported in a jumbo-sized plastic flask when the tri...
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P.M. News Nigeria
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P.M. News Nigeria
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Ghana News Agency
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Nigeria Daily News
Trump accuses OPEC of raising oil prices
US President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries of driving up oil prices, in a fresh swipe at the cartel’s
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Vanguard News
Saraki vs Idris: ‘You Tarka Me, I Daboh You’
Politics have always had its fair share of colourful characters, especially in the First and Second Republics. After that, it seems the gaiety and oratory of politicking was taken out of latter day politicians. However, the thrills and frill of the past still linger, and once in...
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