The East African
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The Independent
Bashir defence asks Sudan court for bail release
Khartoum, Sudan | AFP | Sudan’s deposed military ruler Omar al-Bashir appeared in court Saturday for the second hearing of his corruption trial, during which his defence asked for his release on bail. Bashir, wearing a traditional white gown, sat in the same metal cage he appeare...
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Daily Monitor
Omar al-Bashir and curse of power
taying long in power when not validly elected necessarily requires committing heinous acts and perpetuating a system that buys the ruler time even as problems accumulate and state decay deepens.
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Daily Monitor
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Daily Monitor
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Africa News
Sudanese celebrate new Prime Minister
The streets of Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, were a scene of joy and jubilation marking celebrations of the appointment of the new Prime Minister.
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New African
Hope in Sudan as Abdalla Hamdok becomes first civilian Prime Minister
The African Union and the Mo Ibrahim Foundation are among many others who have welcomed the appointment Abdalla Hamdok as the civilian Prime Minister of the transitional government of Sudan.
Following the signing of the power-sharing constitutional decree on 17 August 2019, both...
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