Sudan JEM
The warlord wrecking Sudan’s revolution
the Washington Postt -By Ishaan Tharoor
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For the first time since April, Sudan’s ousted st...
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The Citizen
Pulling Sudan back from the brink
Sudan is on the threshold of disaster. On June 3, paramilitary forces opened fire on peaceful pro-democracy protesters in Khartoum, killing more than 100 and wounding hundreds more. Now, hope for a smooth transition to civilian rule is giving way to fear that the country will go...
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Daily Monitor
Pulling Sudan back from the brink
Solution. Sudan will not reverse its slide toward anarchy, let alone reach its full potential, unless the international community steps in, writes
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Africa News
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Africa Newsroom
Sudan: End Network Shutdown Immediately
 Sudan’s ongoing internet shutdown is a gross violation of human rights and should be lifted immediately, Human Rights Watch said today. Disruptions to access escalated over the past week and the country is now almost entirely cut off from the internet, after forces violently att...
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The Citizen
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