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Business Day Online
Museveni as a metaphor
The news has arrived, at last. Yoweri Museveni, thirty-five years in office, Africa’s fourth longest-serving President, behind such worthies as Paul Biya, Teodoro Obiang, and Denis Sassou Nguesso, has been re-elected to the office of President of Uganda for another five-year term...
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The Independent
Darkness over Mbale as unknown people cut down electric poles
Mbale, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Mbale City and the neighboring areas woke up in darkness on Thursday morning following the cutting down of electric poles by unknown people. The unknown people used power saw machine and cut down three poles in Bugema Nauyo within Mbale City blo...
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Africa News
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Voice Of America
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Sahara Reporters
EU, US Call For Probe Into Uganda Election Violence
The European Union and United States have called for a probe into abuses and violence that occurred during the just concluded election in Uganda.
President Yoweri Museveni was declared the winner for a record sixth term in an election that left more than 40 people dead with oppos...
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Africa Newsroom
Coronavirus - Uganda: COVID-19 update (20 January 2021)
Results of COVID-19 tests done on 20 January 2021 confirm 178 cases. The cumulative confirmed cases are 38,806.
11 COVID-19 deaths reported have been investigated and confirmed. The deaths are reported from various parts of the country
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