P.M. News Nigeria
Elon Musk wins defamatory suit
A jury in Los Angeles has returned a-not-liable verdict for Elon Musk, Tesla's founder, in the defamatory suit filed by British diver Vernon Unsworth.
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Cameroon Online
Cameroon withdraws contested language law
In Summary The sticking point in the bilingual bill provided for use of either English or French in ordinary and special courts during proceedings as well as rulings. The use of either rather than both is the sticking point. Lawyers had protested that the legislation could lead t...
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Vanguard News
Mourinho sends message to Rashford after scoring twice
Jose Mourinho has sent a message to Marcus Rashford after scoring a brace in the 2-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspurs in the Premier League encounter at Old Trafford. The 22-year-old England international opened the scoring with a stinging shot that slipped under Paulo Gazzaniga,...
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Quartz Africa
Why France is on strike
Workers across France are striking as part of a national wave of industrial action, that has seen protests against reforms to the state pension system. Train and bus drivers, air traffic controllers, energy workers, truck drivers, teachers, students, police officers, lawyers, jud...
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