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  • OIL JOBS: Smart Investment key to Job Creation

    What you need to know The waiting is over and the real hard work of preparing to extract the oil that is buried hundreds of metres beneath the rocks of the Albertine Graben in Western Uganda is set to begin next year. Initial estimates indicate that some 13,000 high-paying direct...

The Sunrise Feb 23, 2017

  • Mission 2020: Wishful but not truthful

    The obsession for long term planning has brought down the curtain on Uganda’s 25 year economic party!    Uganda has a long ‘wish list’ for the year 2020. The country wishes to become a lower middle income economy in 2020. It wishes to export 20 million bags of Coffee (60kg …
  • Pastors or Sorcerers?

The Sunrise Feb 22, 2017

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  • Make blood donation compulsory

    The revelation by the Director of Uganda Blood Transfusion services that Uganda faces a shortage of 140,000 units of blood (41%) of the required amount of blood every year which has resulted into the death of thousands of Ugandans got me puzzled. If there is a shortage of blood a...