Mulongoti Advises Lungu Against Being Emotional When Criticized
People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti has advised President Edgar Lungu not to be emotional when he is criticized during this political period.
Mr. Mulongoti is also advising President Lungu that with the Political tension in the country it is natural that the incumbent governm...
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Kabimba: No One Takes KBF Seriously
Rainbow Party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba says PF lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube should be ignored because he is just looking for recognition.
And Kabimba says KBF can never be Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president even if Linda Kasonde resigned because no one can vote for hi...
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Luonde: There’s No Judiciary In Zambia
ANGLICAN priest Fr Richard Luonde says there is no judiciary in Zambia to talk about anymore.
In an interview, Fr Luonde said the judiciary had failed to live up to people’s expectations.
In a statement issued last Sunday on the current political situation in the country, Zambia...
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Why More Top Players In African Players Are Headed To Zambia
By Punch Chama
This is a question I enjoy answering because I take time to watch and analyse African football.
There has always been an increase in African players in Zambia but the difference now is the quality of players has gone up.
Zambian clubs...
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Popular Kitwe Businessman Loses Son In Road Accident
Popular Kitwe Business man Oscar Kaluba popularly knows as Oskido or Oscar Flats has lost his Son in a terrible accident in kitwe near Black Mountain. He’s wife who was rushing her son to the hospital after he has drowned into a swimming pool found her self in a fetal accident ....
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