UK Zambians Feb 11, 2017

  • Hundreds of immigrants nabbed in the U.S.

    (Reuters) – U.S. federal immigration agents arrested hundreds of undocumented immigrants in at least four states this week in what officials on Friday called routine enforcement actions. Reports of immigration sweeps this week sparked concern among immigration advocates and famil...

Tumfweko Feb 03, 2017

  • Editorial: Kambwili’s Defence Of Workers

    Chishimba Kambwili has warned Luanshya Copper Mines management to stop threatening closure of other units and intimidating its employees demanding salary increments.
    “It appears that the investors who are coming in this country are taking advantage of the Zambian workers,” says K...

UK Zambians Feb 01, 2017

  • Trump wants to enlist local police in immigration crackdown

    PHOENIX (AP) — To build his highly touted deportation force, President Donald Trump is reviving a long-standing program that deputizes local officers to enforce federal immigration law. The program received scant attention during a week in which Trump announced plans … read more...

UK Zambians Jan 30, 2017

  • America Revolutionary Change

    by Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph. D. Professor of Sociology It happens in life sometimes. You go to a rowdy party where everything is too exciting and chaotic; there is heavy drinking, there is loud laughter, raised voices of fights, disagreements, … read more »

UK Zambians Jan 25, 2017

  • Trump and Brexit might affect funding to Zambia-Donors

    A group of donors supporting Zambia’s health sector has warned that the current global political climate does not guarantee the continuation of their support to Zambia. The cooperating partners say ongoing funding levels should not be expected in the current … read more »

UK Zambians Jan 04, 2017

UK Zambians Dec 13, 2016

  • Strengthening Our Zambian Democracy

    by Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph. D. Professor of Sociology It was Professor Mubanga Kashoki in 1979 who said something so significant about Zambian or African scholarship that applies to day more than ever. In his scholarly article: “Indigenous Scholarship in … read more »