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Iris Refutes Saying Zambian Men Have Low Sperm Count
Iris Kaingu has described as malicious, a story circulating on social media attributed to her that she cannot get married to Zambian men because they have low sperm count.
Clearing the air to Kwacha Celebrity Newspaper, Kaingu, a graduate of Marketing said the story is fake and l...
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Most Zambian Men Have Low Spзrm Count- Iris Kaingu
Iris Kaingu says she can’t marry a Zambian man because most of them have low spзrм count and that they don’t last long in bed.
Speaking in Lusaka yesterday, Ms Kaingu said that popular king beverages like Junta (Tujilijili) was what was making most Zambian men to fail to perform...
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Daily Mail
Everything fine for Slap D
ZIO MWALE, Lusaka RAPPER Slap D has released a new music video titled Zonke, loosely translated as everything will be fine, on which he assures Zambians that things will eventually be fine again. The song is off his Black Na White II (BW2) album and its’ video comes after the rel...
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2017: Treason, Fire Tenders, Third Term And ‘Koswe Mumpoto’
2017 has come to an end but what it brought to the fore will remain stubbornly etched on the minds of Zambians, at least those who care to follow national matters.
Yes, the year started with many citizens still struggling to gain sobriety after the disputed August 11, 2016 genera...
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Daily Mail
Year Flinto, Gabrielle departed
Art Yak with CHANDA MWENYA IT APPEARS “time flies” is not just another cliché, Time is indeed really flying. It is that time we take a recap of what transpired in the year. They year had a fair share of interesting as well as sad developments on its calendar. We recorded a number...
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