The Herald
SHARUKO ON SATURDAY ONE of my enduring passion has always been reading, a love affair that probably was started by my late father, back in the days he used to spend hours teaching me how to read and write before I had even enrolled for my first grade.I read a lot of material, eve...
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Sunday Standard
How Batswana name their children
The Batswana, like many African communities, have strong beliefs in the supernatural. They see God as having direct influence on their daily lives to the extent that a natural calamity might be seen as God’s punishment on the people while bountifulness symbolised by rain is consi...
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The Punch
I handed all my cheque books to my wife —Panam Percy Paul
Renowned Gospel musician, Panam Percy Paul and his beautiful wife of 36 years, Teena, share some of their marital experiences with TOFARATI IGE
Can you recall how you met your spouse?
Panam: Our relationship is unique in the sense that we had always known each other but I never t...
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Dispatch Live
Alfred Nzo in drive to curb costs
Out-of-town meetings will no longer be allowed at Alfred Nzo district municipality and instead of paying overtime claims, staff will be asked to take some time off work. Even critical trips will only be allowed after proper approval. These are some of the changes announced in a s...
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The Nation
CNN fires comedian over Trumps ‘severed head’
CNN has fired comedian Kathy Griffin from its annual New Year’s Eve broadcast.
Griffin drew strong criticism for posing in photographs holding up the likeness of a severed head resembling U.S. President Donald Trump.
Griffin, 56, a two-time Emmy-winning performer known for her de...
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