Voice Of America Jan 04, 2017

  • Former Nigerian Leaders Sing for Peace, Acknowledge 'Mess'

    Former Nigerian rulers have banded together to sing a hymn for peace in their troubled nation, with some acknowledging they had a role in creating the "mess." Their video wish for 2017 is getting scornful comments from many on social media.
    The former leaders, many white-haired a...

Le Monde Afrique Dec 08, 2016

Le Monde Afrique Dec 08, 2016

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  • [Chronique] Souffrir et sourire au Nigeria

    Des pénuries d'essence à n'en plus finir. Presque chaque jour, Awolowo Road, la rue la plus chic d'Ikoyi, le quartier résidentiel de Lagos, connaît des embouteillages monstres. La cause en est connue de longue date : la queue devant les stations-service. Régulièrement, les automo...