Alwihda Info Dec 30, 2016

  • Abe's Pearl Harbor visit a stunt, lacking in sincerity

    Lacking "sincerity", an "astute show" was used by Western media to describe this visit. Abe's diplomatic speculation in the name of historic reconciliation not only failed to blind the people, but also further triggered public criticism of his attitude toward history. By Zhon...

Alwihda Info Dec 14, 2016

Alwihda Info Nov 20, 2016

  • Op-ed: Asia on alert as Japan slides towards renouncing pacifist pledge

    "Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes." This historic renunciation of war in the pacifist constitution is what the Abe government has long been trying to abolish since he...

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