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No condoms, no poking
NO condom, no sex! This is the hymn of a frustrated Bulawayo woman who said she could not risk her life by having unprotected sex with her philandering husband who was also in the habit (...)
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Business Day
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The People vs Dieudonné Happi, Esq.
Your Honour, the People wish to voir dire as to what makes Mr. Dieudonné Happi uniquely qualified to lead the Comité de normalisation of the Fecafoot. The People remind the Court that Mr. Happi is a lawyer, an attribute that seems to be the sole foundation for his job. The People...
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Zodiak Online
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Time Of Gist
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I Slept With Both The Church Elder And His Son, Woman Tells Court
A 34-YEAR-OLD woman, standing as a witness in a case in which her husband has sued a Church elder and his son for committing adultery with her, confessed having sexual relations with both father and son in the Mansa local court.
But it was not just a mere confession; she went int...
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The Punch
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