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Tabloid Media
‘Age is just a number’
Tafta resident, Hester Bekker (82), boasts her collection of race medals over the yearsThe Association for the Aged (Tafta) honoured the United Nations’ International Day of Older Persons with a week-long programme of events in Durban. This year’s United Nations theme for Interna...
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Security tightened after attack
Military operations were under way yesterday near Niger's border with Mali, the day after an attack by unidentified assailants which killed three members of the US Army Special Forces and five Nigerian soldiers, security sources said yesterday.
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Work on the framing of minerals classification system in Africa begins
A pioneering initiative leading towards a framework for mineral resource classification in Africa had a kick-off meeting on Monday, 2 October 2017—starting a weeklong series of deliberations of African geological experts and classification specialists. Organized by the African Mi...
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BDP Modwoam
Service contrôle routier : Les absurdités du racket d’Estelle Ondo
La ministre des Transports et de la logistique a annoncé, le 27 septembre, la reprise des activités du Service contrôle routier (SCR), en vue de traquer les mauvais comportements et minimiser les accident de la circulation. Cette annonce comporte trop d’aspects absurdes et ressem...
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Voice Of America
Humanitarian Operations for Burundian Refugees Strapped for Cash
The U.N. refugee agency warns that funds for humanitarian assistance for hundreds of thousands of Burundian refugees have dried up, leaving only enough cash for the most essential needs.
More than 420,000 Burundians, who have sought refuge in the neighboring Democratic Republic o...
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Daily Post
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